CNS Officers’ Guild is a professional body of the ATSEPs i.e. executives of CNS discipline of Airports Authority of India. The head office is in New Delhi, India and the regional offices and local bodies are wide spread all across the country. The Guild is not only looking after the welfare of CNS officers but also working towards enhancing their knowledge and skills.

It is dedicated to the safety of all who seek their livelihood or pleasure in the air. These ideals have been sustained over the years and continue to provide a substantial voice for the profession of CNS.

In addition, we have a growing number of members who support the aims of the guild and in turn can benefit from the access to worldwide air specialists. Our membership, providing a wealth of professional and technical expertise enableing CNS Officers’ Guild to actively participate in the development of both India and AAI.

As such Guild is recognized and respected worldwide as an influential and professional aviation body.